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Holypharm is one of the leading pioneers whichdedicates to developing, manufacturing and distributing active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for the coming generic medicines worldwide and meanwhile importing finished pharmaceutical products and cosmetics from EU and the US.

We have our GMP standard plants in Jiangsu and Zhejiang province that cover a total area of 50,000square meters with more than180 employees, of which 68 are researchers in the R&D center in Wuhan and Tianjin. Moreover we also have close relationship with labs from the top 10 Chinese research institutes.

Through unremitting effort of our research team, we have built up a GMP system and achieved a number of contract manufacturing orders from both domestic and foreign customers.

Meanwhile we have expended our business worldwide covering the major pharmaceutical markets, especially US and EU where our representative offices located. Attributing to the efforts of our regulatory affair (RA) experts, we are participating in the registration of several promising APIs in US and EU as well as co-operating with Novartis, CHEMO and Merck CO., LTD.

Moreover, holding the gold relationship with both domestic and foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers, we are adept in re-arranging and co-ordinating their supply and demand on formulations to build up an excellent pipeline system which will benefit all the worldwide healthcare welfare. We are aiming to provide our partners with mostprofessional RA service, sophisticate brand promotion and advanced distribution networks.

Holypharm is now and will continuously be devoting herself to the generic medicine industry and the better life of human beings.
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